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Nail sculpting will never be out of fashion. You know why?

Because not so many women can boast having ideal nails, and sculpting (modeling) will make even short, bitten, or broad nails look trim and elegant. 

It is one of the most sought services in manicure parlors. On average, every 5th client requests nail sculpting, so professionals who perform it expertly will never find themselves out of clients.

In this course, I have put together all the main issues related to gel and acrylic sculpting. The theoretical part is well structured - I explain it all simply and clearly, and the most effective techniques are included in the practical part. 

At Nails Pro Academy, we believe shared knowledge has the power to change lives, and we create a better beautiful industry together.

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry. This class is perfect for beginners since I am going to cover the basic terms and objectives of acrylic and gel application.

Experienced nail technicians will benefit from it too as I will share some nail hacks and tips on flawless application.

You are welcome to join us! 

Anastasia Milton, 

author of the course, nail technician, and educator with 19 years of experience.

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Caused by mistakes in nail preparation for sculpting or in applying the product. 

Cracks on sides

Caused by incorrect form fitting, nail pinching or filing.

Broken nails

Caused by mistakes in form fitting or material application.

Chipping on a free edge

Caused by bad preparation of the natural nail or wrong choice of the product.

And what is the result?

Time wasted, clients and money lost.

All these problems will stay forever in the past for graduates of my course.

I guarantee that after completing this course and all its practical assignments you will be able to sculpt nails on a professional level.

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How it works?

  • This is online training; you don't need to spend your money on travel expenses, leave your job or family.
  • Training contains high-quality lessons in HD.
  • At the beginning of the training, you will get access to several lessons and you would be able to watch them as many times as you wish. Some people prefer to study in the evening or even at night :) 
  • Lessons will contain home assignments. You will have to complete those assignments. The teacher will check your homework, send comments, and approve or disapprove of your work. Once your work is approved you will get access to the next lessons.
  • You can practice at any time that is suitable for you, take a picture of your results, and upload them to the Getcourse educational system which we use to provide this online training.
  • Your tutor will check your uploaded pictures, comment on them, underline your mistakes and errors, and explain how you can fix them or approve your work if there are no mistakes.
  • If you have any questions or concerns you can ask the teacher anytime and get a response.
  • If you won't be able to complete the training before the end date we will allow you an extension of 1 week. Life is unpredictable sometimes and we would love to help you.
  • At the end of the training when you will complete all of your assignments you will get access to your final evaluation. When you successfully complete your evaluation system will give you a personal Certificate of completion.

Here are some important things to know about our training:

  • You will always be able to see the work of your fellow students and also be able to analyze their mistakes and view the tutor's comments. It helps a lot while you are studying.
  • There is no limit to remaking your work. This is not possible with traditional live training as the whole group would have to wait for you if you're having trouble with something. With our training, this limitation does not exist. In fact, some of our students continue to remake some of their art works even after it's already been approved by the tutor — they just want to add more amazing designs to their portfolio :)
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What will you get in the end?

You will: 

  • Have detailed knowledge of natural nail architecture and learn how to prepare the nail safely for sculpting
  • Know all about the contents and chemical properties of various products
  • Understand the proper consistency of acrylic and how to work with gel
  • Practice working with gels of different viscosity
  • Obtain information on the products currently available on the market and recommendations on the best choices to make
  • Learn the safety precautions necessary to protect both your clients and yourself
  • Master the application techniques
  • Learn how to choose the right form and how to get it fitted quickly and properly
  • Learn how to choose the right nail length for each client
  • Acquire the sculpting and pinching techniques that make your sculpted nails look natural
  • Be able to quickly make 10 nails perfectly shaped by filing
  • Learn to apply polish even and fast
  • Easily correct your mistakes even if you make them
  • Learn to create a perfect C-curve
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Anastasia Milton

  • Educator and Co-Founder of Nails Pro Academy
  • Award winning nail technician
  • Educator
  • Judge
  • The winner of the Nail Art Video Awards 2020
  • Influencer and nail art content creator (800K+ followers)
  • Learned over 10 000 students live and online
  • 17 years of experience as a nail technician, and 14 years as an educator
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