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Anastasia Luksha

I am Anastasia Milton, Educator and Co-Founder of Nails Pro Academy:

  • The winner of the Nail Art Video Awards 2021
  • Gold winner of Nail Pro cup in 2011, Las Vegas, USA
  • Cover artist for Nails Magazine (January 2016)
  • Influencer and nail art content creator (500K+ followers)
  • Hosted trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Sweden, Chile and the USA.
  • Manicurist for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 2016-2019
  • Certified INES (International Nail Experts School) judge
  • International competition trainer
  • Students won 38 golden medals and over 100 silver and bronze medals on Russian and International Nail Championships
  • Learned over 3000 students live and online
  • Author of professional articles for nail magazines in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and the USA
  • 14 years of experience as a nail technician, 11 years as an educator

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Max Estrada

  • Exclusive Nail Couture international master director of global education, founder & CEO.
  • Teaches classes all over the world.
  • The record holder of the "Guinness Book of Records” in French manicure.
  • Started his professional career at the age of 16 and entered his first professional nail competition. He is a multiple winner of the Nailpro and NailExpo competitions in America. Now he  places in every competition he enters.
  • Trained and worked with the best nail technicians —Tom Holcomb, Trang Nguyen, Tom Bachik. Worked for many years in Odyssey Nail Systems, developed new technologies, judged on competitions.
  • His brand Enailcouture developing luxurious nail products that help everyone to achieve their dream nail story. The ingredients for materials are cosmetic grade and FDA approved. Colours of gels and gel polishes does not fade, dull, wear, or chip. Builder gels and acrylic are ideal for beginners and professionals. It is easy to use, does not take many steps and gives a flawless result.

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Kisa Watson

Hello, I am Kisa Watson, Nail Pro Academy Educator, Project Manager and a Licensed Nail Technician in Tennessee, USA.

  • Guest instructor at Georgia Career Institute, Tennessee
  • Owner of Eye Candy Nails FX Nail Art Studio
  • Professional Nail Salon Technician in Franklin, Tennessee
  • Former Student and Certified in both Intermediate and Advanced Nail Sculpting at Nail Pro Academy (formerly NSI Academy)
  • Graduated from the Academy of Nail Design, Canada
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Natasha Chechneva

I am Natasha Chechneva, Educator of Nails Pro Academy:

  • Nail technician since 2012 and nail art educator for more than 5 years with over 1500 students
  • Prize winner of international nail art competitions
  • Golden hands of the world, 2015, Rome, Italy. Hand Painting, VIP-master category, 3rd place
  • International championship Christmas star, 2017 in Israel. Hand painting, veterans. 1st place
  • International championship Golden hands of the world 2015, Barcelona, Spain. Mix-media, VIP-master category 2nd place
  • Former certified dentist
  • Graduator of an art school
  • Nano Professional technologist
  • Author of Artistic nail calligraphy course and Nail Collage course.

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Varvara Schulz

  • Traumatologist and Orthopedist;
  • Founder and President of International Podology Association;
  • Author of textbooks for College and university students;
  • Member of Diabetes Association;
  • Red Cross volunteer;
  • Professor at Moscow Art college;
  • Owner of medical clinic «Healthy foot».

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