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Let’s start your future in nails!

Hard gel sculpting is rapidly becoming more and more popular with salon clients. But it's a difficult skill to master. Would you like to learn how to sculpt perfect hard gel nails? 

I invite you to my Hard Gel for Beginners online course.

With the knowledge acquired from this course, you will be able to sculpt gel with ease and create beautiful nails and enhance the overall satisfaction of their clients.

In this online course I have put together all the main issues related to gel sculpting.

100 video tutorials

More than 100 video lessons for beginners and experienced nail technicians who want to get professional education

Training contains high-quality theoretical and practical lessons in HD. 

The theoretical part is well structured - I explain it all simply and clearly, and the most effective techniques are included in the practical part. 
You are welcome to join us! 

Teacher graded assignments

You will get full support and guidance from experienced professionals: Anastasia Milton and Kisa Watson. Anastasia Milton is a 14 years experienced nail technician and educator. Kisa Watson is a licensed 

nail technician in Tennessee, USA,

the owner of Eye Candy Nails FX Nail Art Studio.

Easy online learning

You study remotely. The lessons are available whenever it is convenient for you. You can use

your mobile, tablet or PC.

You immediately gain access to several lessons and can view them anytime.

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Anastasia Milton, Nails Pro Academy founder and educator

What will you get in the end? You will: 

  • Have detailed knowledge of natural nail architecture and learn how to prepare the nail safely for sculpting;
  • Know all about the contents and chemical properties of various products;
  • Obtain information on the products currently available on the market and recommendations on the best choices to make;
  • Practice working with gels of different viscosity;
  • Learn the safety precautions necessary to protect both your clients and yourself;
  • Master the application techniques;
  • Learn how to choose the right form and how to fit it;
  • Learn how to choose the right nail length for each client; 
  • Acquire the sculpting and pinching techniques that make your sculpted nails look natural;
  • Be able to quickly make 10 nails perfectly shaped by filing;
  • Learn to apply polish even and fast;
  • Easily correct your mistakes even if you make them;
  • Learn to create a perfect C-curve.

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Nail Sculpting for Beginners

Includes Acrylic Technology

Includes Hard Gel Technology

  • Access 6 months
  • STARTS Immediately
  • CEU: 140
  • Teacher graded assignments
  • Certificates Acrylic/Hard Gel
  • International Students Chat


Zoom meeting every month 


We invite you to join the Waitlist for the course Nail Sculpting for Beginners.

The new stream starts on June 26th, 2023.

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