Even though nail art is an art it is also a skill. The more skill you get the more professional and eye-catching your design will look.

It always looks so easy when we are watching videos from nail artists and bloggers.

Every single move of the brush seems so natural like they are not applying any effort to it. And this is partially true.

Once you develop a skill it seems so much easier.

What do you think of working on your nail art skills for two weeks? Every single day.

Just imagine how far can you go.

I want to invite you to the Green Nail Art Marathon.

During 2 weeks you will get 7 lessons with different nail designs.

You will need to recreate each design, take a picture and upload it to your Instagram account.

If you will complete all 7 assignments, you will be one of the finalists.

Good luck!

Anastasia Luksha,

certified nail technician, Nails Pro Academy founder and Educator

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Green Nail Art Marathon rules:

  • The marathon will be held on the Nails Pro Academy Instagram account
  • You need to have opened your account for the duration of the marathon
  • Repost this picture to your account, tag us and use #nailartmarathon2019
  • Follow 7 educators IG accounts and Nails Pro Academy account
  • Every two days you will get a new lesson with nail art and home assignment
  • Fulfill the assignment by recreating the design, taking pictures of it and uploading it in your Instagram account.
  • During two weeks you will receive 7 lessons.
  • Fulfill all 7 assignments before the deadline.

Nails Pro Academy educators will choose the best artwork among participants who completed all assignments before the deadline.

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