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How we spent 2018

30 December 2018Varya Grafova

How to fix a broken nail with Polygel

There are many different ways to fix a broken nail. Polygel is a good solution if your client wants to "save" the length of the natural nail.
10 September 2018Anastasia Milton

Product lifting underneath the nail. How to fix it?

"How to prevent product lifting" webinar was "How to fix a product lifting underneath the nail? As the natural nails grows, it starts to separate." This is truly a common problem. Here is the solution. #1 When doing the nail preparation, file off the free edge of the natural nail. It will help ...
23 July 2018Anastasia Milton

Why do gel nails burn?

Fred Slack is the founder of NSI (Nail Systems International) and inventor of acrylic nails (search "artificial nails" in Wikipedia). In today's episode, he is answering the most frequently asked questions from the nail technicians
3 July 2018Anastasia Milton

Product list for gel nail extensions

If you decided to do gel extensions, the best solution is to buy a starter kit. But sometimes they don't have all necessary products in it. In this video I will give you a list of the most important products you need to have in your kit.
21 June 2018Anastasia Milton

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
24 December 2017Anastasia Milton