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Happy Independence Day!

American Independence Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your 4th of July nail design. Surely you can do the classic red, white and blue stars or flag, but don’t be afraid and experiment with something new.
2 July 2017Anastasia Luksha

Rainbow smoke nail design

This is super easy design which turns out different every time you try it. You can use gel or gel polish polish. Also you will need stained glass paint to make the smoke colourful.
8 June 2017Anastasia Luksha

Truth about Russian manicure. Danger ahead?

A few months ago one of my students shared some links with me, including the article about "Russian" manicure by Doug Schoon. I still use Doug's books and articles as some kind of nail encyclopaedia and until today I 100% agreed with all information he shared in his articles. In that article he m...
29 May 2017Anastasia Luksha

Polygel review and tips

When I first saw Polygel tutorial by Danny Haile I was fascinated by this product and immediately realised that I need to have it! When it was introduced at Intecharm Beauty show in Moscow I bought Cover Pink gel and Slip Solution liquid. I've been testing it for three weeks already and it's still...
18 May 2017Anastasia Luksha

How to pick a good electric nail drill (e-file)?

Electric file is a must-have tool for each nail technician. Especially for ones who value their time and effort. It can be used for refills, product removal and manicure. How to pick an electric nail file? Here is a checklist for choosing a good e-file.
13 April 2017Anastasia Luksha

Dream came true - my student is a champion!

I was sitting in a hotel lobby and checking my phone every five minutes. None. Two students of mine were competing that day. Then I went to dinner when my phone finally rang. «Ksenia is going to Hong Kong!» — shouted Anna, my other student. It took me a while to put my thoughts together when I fina...
10 April 2017Anastasia Luksha

Nail competitions

I am big fan of nail competitions. I believe that it is the best way to push you out of your comfort zone and force you to master your nail sculpting in a short period of time. If you think that you need to upgrade skills listed below you should definitely give it a try.
28 February 2017Anastasia Luksha

Halloween tutorial

Acrylic nail art Halloween pumpkins
5 November 2016