Clare Hanson

Location: United Kingdom, Leeds
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About me

I am NSI trained Levels 2 & 3. I love doing nails although I was a late starter before I took the plunge. I'm glad I did I loved the training and although I am ill - which is long term since September 2014 (Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility, Spinal Osteoarthrits etc.) I still try and keep up with all the latest nail trends, even if I just watch them on YouTube on Facebook etc. I'm currently laid up after surgery on my foot/ankle. So I thought to save myself going crazy and do some home nail courses from Essential Nails (5 I think on the go), Sam Biddle's Be Inspired on line training and also Ela Loszczyk Nail Shapes & Structures online course. I have also watched Anastasia Luksha on this website and also watched some of her Youtube videos'. I eat sleep and dream nails. I just hate been ill as it's restricting me from continuing been a good nail tech. I maybe the first or not the last ill/disabled nail tech.

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