Elinda Tollefsjord

Location: Норвегия, Porsgrunn
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About me

I am mum of two boys age 17 and 22 years old and wife of Jarle. We live in the south of Norway. I have been a die hard nail enthusiasts since 2012/13. I started my own YouTube channel called NailsofNorway. In 2014. I got disabled when I was 20 years old with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So I was not able to take any regular nail classes. I really want to learn EVERYTHING about nails! And I wanted to learn from the best. So who other than Anastasia and her team?
And now, after a huge amount of courses, I am so happy to have joined the team as an educator!
You can do it if you want it bad enough :-)

My trainings

Electric File Manicure 2.1 Has been started
Manicure 101 Has been started
Nail Sculpting for Beginners. Level 1 Finished
Intermediate Nail Sculpting (Level 2) Finished
Secrets of Nail Sculpting with Polygel Has been started
Long Nails & Bling Has been started
Magic Gel Nail art designs Finished
Need for speed. Nail sculpting Has been started
Artistic nail calligraphy Finished
Fast & Easy Salon Nail Art Finished
Nail collage Finished
Gel manicure (Gel polish class) Finished
Hard Gel for Beginners Has been started
Acrylic Sculpting for Beginners Has been started
Watercolour Fantasy Has been started
How to become a nail technician? Finished
Sculpting with DUAL FORMS Has been started
Pedicure 101 Has been started
Autumn marathon Has been started

My works